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Company heads don’t usually get out and shake the charity tin,however there’s not much Gary Parsons and Steve Woodroffe won’t do, to raise money for their Kids of Gold camps.
Kids of Gold camps have been running in the Yarra Valley, Melbourne, since 2003. Helping children build confidence, make friends, and navigate bullying and social isolation.
“I returned to teaching after a break in 1999 and it was a shock to see children struggling in those areas,” Mr Parsons said.

The 69-year-old saw that children were becoming isolated and unhappy because they weren’t equipped with the social skills they need to KOG Triomake friends.
“I would see two friends have a disagreement, or a fight, and they didn’t know how to fix it,” he said.
“To forgive and move on is a skill. That’s where the idea for Kids of Gold camps came from. I realised we needed a place where kids could learn how to behave socially; how to make friends; how to treat friends; and how to value themselves.”

Teaching children to value themselves, says Mr Parsens, is what Kids for Gold is all about: “If you don’t value yourself, you won’t be able to value other people.”
Kids of Gold subsidises the participation cost by 60 per cent of all children who attend their often lifesaving, and always life changing, camps.

“We run three camps each year and they each cost $6,500 so fundraising is essential,” Mr Parsons said.
Around 12 months ago Mr Parsens, who grew up in Sydney, began to feel a little nostalgic. So, to raise money and awareness, while also taking a trip down memory lane, he began to plan an epic Kids for Gold walk from Sydney to Melbourne.
”We’re hoping to get the camps going in Sydney so we thought it was appropriate,” he said. Mr Parsons and Mr Woodroffe left Sydney on Monday, September 4 and plan to walk 32 kilometres a day for 33 days, a total of 1016 kilometres to the Melbourne finish line at the steps of Parliament House on Friday, October 6.

Milton Ulladulla Times was able to catch the dynamic duo at Ulladulla Harbour on Sunday, September 10.
Of the walk so far, Mr Parsons said: “We did train but we didn’t allow for all the hills in NSW.”

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Sydney to Melbourne Trek is Gold for Kids
Published at 11:58 am, Friday 8 September, 2017
Written by Sally Foy

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