Our Aims at Kids of Gold Camps

The main aim of the camp focuses on increasing self esteem and confidence, and we have seen many children grow in both these areas, we have also seen many children show improvement in a number of other areas, including: Overcoming fear- fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of not achieving expectations, etc.

  • Learning how to overcome bullying.
  • Learning how to make and keep friends.
  • Dealing with conflict resolution in a positive way.
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Improving social and relationship skills.
  • Overcoming homesickness.
  • Being able to set goals- both short term and long term goals.

Success Stories

Kids Of Gold Inc. works closely with parents, teachers and students and endeavours to maintain a relationship with the children long after they have attended our camps.

Here are some of the things that we see at our camps:

Some kids often won’t leave mum/dad after arriving and won’t let them out of their sight, or are even too scared to join in the evening program. We have had some great breakthroughs in this area, and have found that, with a bit of perseverance, the children can achieve very worthwhile outcomes. We have even had some go home on the first night, come back next day, and settle into the rest of the camp without difficulty.

On one camp a couple of children became really homesick on the Saturday night. Both lots of parents were contacted, and after talking with the parents and then talking with love and compassion with the kids, both were persuaded to stay. They did so and both thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the camp.

One of them in particular, who came back to the very next camp, took a very active part in that camp’s Saturay Night Talent Time, and stunned us with her ability to sing in front of everyone and almost stole the show. We felt very rewarded the for our perseverance at the previous camp!

Kids of Gold Camps

Another Example…

Two sisters came to a few of the camps, and we soon discovered that from the ethnic background and culture that they were from, girls are not normally encouraged to do anything in a public kind of way. We also discoveed, quite by accident, that they both had lovely singing voices, and that they had both been ‘game enough’, through the emphasis we had made in the camp, to sing a song to their own buddy groups.

With encouragement, they gained enough confidence to sing to the camp in the Saturday Night Talent Time. When they first sang it was in front of six people in their group, and when the sang the second time, it was in front of 53 people, but then, on the Sunday, one them wanted to sing in front of all the parents as well, but the other was too scared!

Undaunted, she went ahead and sang on her own, in front of 80-90 people, and could not stop saying, with amazement, that this had been a huge achievement for her! Their mum could not believe what she was seeing and hearing, and she kept on thanking us for what we had done for both her girls! In truth we had really only persevered, but it was one of those moments not easily forgotten, and we sensed something pretty amazing had taken place.

Kids of Gold Camps
Kids of Gold Camps

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